When the inspector shows up to your how what to expect and the process.

The entire visit will take about an hour.
What we do is measure, examine and photograph the perimeter foundation to document the exterior building materials and to determine the ‘weight’ of your home, (this helps determine the amount of hardware we use). Then we draw a rough foundation plan with the measurements we've taken.

Inside crawlspace

We enter the crawlspace and begin inspecting for evidence of adequate bolting of the mudsill to the foundation (bottom most member of the wood framing of your home that sits directly on the concrete foundation).

We also look for fastening of the floor joists to the mudsill, the existence of any unbraced cripple walls and for any cracks or other issues with the foundation. Finally, we draw and measure the perimeter of your house and take a few outside photos to document the exterior building materials to determine the ‘weight’ of your home, (which helps determine the amount of hardware we use).

covid protocol

While our install teams have always worn N95 masks for our work, we are now thoroughly trained and exercising proper protocols for mask fitting and removal, hand sanitation, gloves, proper distancing, tool and materials disinfecting, etc. We are taking all available/recommended steps to ensure maximum safety of our clients and ourselves.

how long it takes

(addressed in "what to expect" section above)

what exactly is done

If we find that everything looks up to current building code standards we’ll let you know that. If we find there is a gap between the current standards and what exists under your house then we’ll send you a line item quote for what it would take for us to close that gap.

water heater pic

As part of the seismic retrofit inspection, we'll take a look at your water heater and how it's secured to protect it from seismic forces as well. If it's not secured to the current standards for seismic safety we'll bring that you your attention and make recommendations specific to the conidiations observed.

why we only do physical inspection

Because every house, even within neighborhoods built with similar layouts around the same time, is different when it comes to the specific techniques used by the different sub-contractors involved (concrete, framing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.), the exact hardware, access and current condition of the structural components is different. We take the time to perform the complete inspection of every crawl space in order to provide the most complete, accurate and cost effective proposals possible for every one of our seismic retrofit projects.  We also do this so we can observe anything in the crawl space, seismic retrofit related or not, that our clients should be aware of for the proper maintenance of their homes.

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