Earthquake History

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Earthquake History of the Bay Area

1836M 6.8
South San Francisco Bay Region

1838M 7 San Andreas fault
San Francisco Peninsula

1865M 6.5 San Andreas fault

1868M 7 Hayward fault zone
Hayward Earthquake
M 6.5 Undetermined fault
Vacaville Earthquake

1898M 6.5 Rogers Creek fault
Mare Island Earthquake

1906M 7.8 San Andreas fault
Great San Francisco Earthquake

1911M 6.5 Calaveras fault
Morgan Hill Earthquake
68 year quiet period — 1911 to 1979*

1979M 6.0 Undetermined fault
Coyote Lake Earthquake

1980M 6.0 Mt. Diablo-Greenville fault
Livermore Earthquake

1984M 6.3 Calaveras fault
Morgan Hill Earthquake

1989M 7.1 San Andreas fault
Loma Prieta Earthquake

2001M 5.1 West Napa fault
Napa Earthquake

2007M 5.6 Calaveras fault* It is important to note that there has been a 68 year “quiet period” in the San Francisco Bay Region. The period from 1911 to 1979 experienced no earthquakes over magnitude 6.0. It is also during this time period that the region experienced it’s greatest population growth.

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